UPDATE March 23rd 2020

As part of the food supply of our local community, we are committed to remaining OPEN for as long as it is safe and practical.
We encourage our customers to practice extreme social distancing and ask that customers engage with Harbor Market in a slightly different way while we manage this crisis.

Here are some changes we would like to share:

  • There is no congregating permitted in the store, as mandated by the Village and the State.  Please come in, order your food (which will be packed to go), shop for any other goodies you may need, pay for your things, and wait outside for your order to be ready. We will bring your food to you when it’s ready.
  • We will have to make some changes to the variety of food available. The changing
    circumstances day by day require us to make adjustments to our menu daily will have to occur and be flexible.  Home Delivery is available, and we encourage our customers to stay home and do your shopping using our home delivery services. An online ordering platform is forthcoming.  Call us 631-725-4433 to place the order.
  • Our priority is to stay open, keep our staff and community safe, and to be of service. Please call us directly if you know someone who is homebound and might need our help 631-725-4433.